Who We Serve

We have great clients from a wide range of industries. We bring over 20 years of network and data experience to

  • Small/Medium sized Businesses
    • Law Firms
    • Medical Offices
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Environmental Field Testing
  • Non-profits
    • Community centers
    • Churches
  • Early stage startups
    • Healthcare
    • FinTech
    • Enterprise
  • Your organization

What they say

The team at TekPerfect supports ConnectSolutions as their knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable IT presence at a reasonable price. In a small company, it’s tough to hire all of the IT skills you need 24x7 to run the business without interruption. TekPerfect serves that purpose for us until the business reaches critical mass and can support a direct-hire IT team. We have had a very positive relationship with TekPerfect.
— -Heidi Flaherty, CFO
I operate multiple email accounts and calendars, and while they need to talk to each other to avoid conflicts, I must keep the email threads separate for compliance purposes. TekPerfect set up my office PC, and smartphone, such that I could easily switch back and forth between accounts, but use a single calendar for appointments and conference calls.
— Kevin Sullivan, Principal at Connor, Alexander and Sullivan Insurance Services