Who We Serve

We have great clients from a wide range of industries. We bring over 20 years of network and data experience to

  • Small/Medium sized Businesses
    • Law Firms
    • Medical Offices
    • Hotels
    • Restaurants
    • Environmental Field Testing
  • Non-profits
    • Community centers
    • Churches
  • Early stage startups
    • Healthcare
    • FinTech
    • Enterprise
  • Your organization

What they say

The team at TekPerfect supports ConnectSolutions as their knowledgeable, responsive, and reliable IT presence at a reasonable price. In a small company, it’s tough to hire all of the IT skills you need 24x7 to run the business without interruption. TekPerfect serves that purpose for us until the business reaches critical mass and can support a direct-hire IT team. We have had a very positive relationship with TekPerfect.
— -Heidi Flaherty, CFO
I operate multiple email accounts and calendars, and while they need to talk to each other to avoid conflicts, I must keep the email threads separate for compliance purposes. TekPerfect set up my office PC, and smartphone, such that I could easily switch back and forth between accounts, but use a single calendar for appointments and conference calls.
— Kevin Sullivan, Principal at Connor, Alexander and Sullivan Insurance Services
       Alfonso hooker CEO & FOUNDER

       Alfonso hooker CEO & FOUNDER

A Black-owned, Oakland-based IT consulting firm, TekPerfect is a unique blend of technology, security, and community engagement. Alfonso Hooker, who founded TekPerfect in 2008, has more than 25 years of industry experience. TekPerfect specializes in IT security and managed services for organizations. The breadth of his expertise includes DevOps, cloud-based services, e-discovery, wireless networks, firewalls, systems management, network security, managed services, and infrastructure management.

For the last nine years, TekPerfect has provided exceptional IT services to non-profits and businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Its successful consulting engagements have included the setup and configuration of a dozens of computer networks, hundreds of servers, and several hundred laptops and workstations running various operating systems.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, the tech industry is teeming with opportunities, but it is quite apparent that everyone is not benefiting from this growth. With particularly low representation of women and people of color, the tech industry has an opportunity to address this systemic issue. Now is the time to train, educate, and provide an inclusive environment so that the excellent salaries and career growth opportunities are available to all.

TekPefect is focused on addressing the employment barriers in the tech sector that relate to readiness skills and access. Yet few programs have addressed these barriers—TekPerfect’s program is designed to correct those issues. In addition, there is a misconception that tech skill sets are too difficult to acquire. Mr. Hooker has personally trained dozens of individuals in the field and has found that people with the passion and motivation to obtain these skills can be successful in tech industry regardless of their background.

With his experience in the IT industry and Information Systems Management, Mr. Hooker has recognized the shortcomings of typical workforce development and training programs in tech. A training program that relies on agencies and organizations to help individuals find work post-training is dependent on a system outside of the industry. TekPerfect’s program is fundamentally different. As a tech employer, TekPerfect not only provides the training, but also works with the individuals so that they are engaged in consulting opportunities. Plus, by securing IT service contracts with public and private employer’s, the program leverages expenditures on IT services to provide local job opportunities.

TekPerfect believes that by expanding the opportunities and the diversity of the tech industry new products, services, and innovations are inevitable. Organizations that refuse to change or ignore the potential will find themselves with diminished growth opportunities and a shrinking customer base. Those who see this opportunity will find themselves with tremendous advantages over their competitors and extrodinary growth.