Managed Services

  • Network: Your client expect real-time data. Your employees expect a consistent production environment. From connecting printers, scanners, monitors and other peripheral accessories, TekPerfect designs, builds and scales a network that works for all stakeholders.
  • Servers: Do you have on-premises servers that you have to maintain that are prone to overheating, crashing, and failing when the power goes out? Are you considering a hybrid or cloud-based solution? We manage and monitor your physical and virtual servers.
  • Machines: Employees have laptops, desktops, tablets and phones accessing company assets. How do you manage usage and upgrades? TekPerfect supports all machines. Whether it's help deciding on what type of machine, deployment, monitoring, device health and theft prevention, we handle it for you.
  • Email: Like it or not, email drives business. Your organization needs to keep your inbox clear of any security vulnerabilities and noise. We help you with email configuration, active directory management and single-sign on identity for third-party vendors.
  • Data: Don't let your big data be a big disaster. TekPerfect monitors and manages your database, CRM and/or financial data. We provide strategies that scale with your business plans and is most efficient for productivity.
  • User Support: We don't confuse you with technical jargon when you need support. We take the time to understand your situation and provide resolutions. Our team provides a FAQ and documentation for internal knowledge bases.
These services are done both remote and on-site. For escalations, we are on-site if a resolution cannot be met within 4 hours.