IT Solutions

  • Dedicated point of contact—We assign a technical contact and team for your site
  • On-boarding/Off-boarding—Keep your organization running smoothly with smooth employee on-boarding and separations
  • Support reporting & documentation—Our team fully documents tickets and general processes for quick troubleshooting
  • Access to knowledge base—Your organization receives all documentation in your wiki/internal space
  • On-site and remote monitoring—Issues come up. We can work on your server or machines when it meets your schedule
  • Regularly scheduled meetings—TekPerfect is your IT partner. We make sure you're up to date on all your systems

Data & DevOps

  • Infrastructure Assessment—We learn your organization's needs to ensure your organization's growth and security
  • Vendor Consulting—Need help with all the third-party software choices out there? We're here to help!
  • Project management —Comprehensive project scoping and management
  • We won't push to production—We'll work on a proof-of-concept with sample streams—never touching in your dev/production environment
  • Education and support—Trainings/workshops and on-demand support are included with every project
  • Regularly scheduled meetings—TekPerfect is your DBA and DevOps engineering partner. We make sure you're up to date on all ends