Why Tekperfect?

The Cost Of Technology To Your Organization

Time, Knowledge and Money

TekPerfect is a unique blend of technology, security, and community. Our technical solutions combine the use of expertly executed technical solutions along with the use of industry-leading partnerships and services. We develop systems and processes that are robust enough to meet your business needs today, but scale as you grow to face the challenges of the enterprise landscape. Not only does your business succeed when you utilize TekPerfect’s services, but the community benefits, too.

Community Impact

Time, Knowledge, and Money

There is a shortage in SysAdmins, DevOps and overall certified IT professionals. Mission critical projects are stalled due to talent acquisition, training and troubleshooting. Outside of TekPerfect providing our engineers and services, our team is dedicated to training the next generation of tech professionals.

Tekperfect provides tech training for an underserved, underutilized, and untapped potential of our population—people of color aged 18-24. Our vision of this apprenticeship program is to educate, transform, and inspire people with records to establish careers in tech. It fits squarely within the key actions of President Obama’s TechHire initiative, which includes expanding accelerated tech learning programs.
  • 10-week training program
  • Performance-based, live simulation apprenticeship
  • Apprentices must be enrolled in an educational program, at least part-time
  • Partnered with Impact Hub Oakland/United Roots Program
  • Provide stipend for meals and transportation
  • Level 1 IT and junior level sysadmin certification